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Grain and dried fruit packing machine weighs ten weights on five sides


Grain and dried fruit packing machine is a ten-weight, five-sided sewing machine for packing all kinds of granular materials.

Ten weighing packaging machine suitable for packing ingredients such as nuts, nuts, legumes, cereals, tea, toffee, dried vegetables, chips, sugar, pasta form, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, etc.…Is.


The device features


Ten-weight grain and dried fruit packing machine is equipped with PLC system to control all the operation of the machine

Kavosh Sanat bean packing machine is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen and packing speed control system.


Weighing Performance

Weighing performance of ten-grain bean packing machine, load cell system (Digital Weighing) Is.



The color of the ten-weight bean packing machine explores the industry Electrostatic furnace paint Is


Installable equipment

Kavosh Sanat Ten Weighing Packing Machine has the ability to install the following equipment and systems:

  • Device Date Woman or Jet PrintR

  • Jaw Punch( Round or Mexican hat )

  • Nitrogen gas injection system

  • Closing system

  • Female hole system

  • Dust catcher

  • Throat opener

Technical Specifications


Performance Devices Electro-Mechanical , Pneumatics ,Electronical
Power Requirements 3 ~ 380 v
Power ۴٫۵ kw
Current Consumption ۴ – ۶ bar
Package ۲۰-۶۰ per minute
Package weight ۲۰ – ۱۲۰۰ gr
Minimum packaging dimensions W : 50 mm – L : 50 mm
The maximum dimensions of packaging W : 220 mm – L : 520 mm
Wrapper PVC – UP – CPP – BOPP – Metallized – Polyethylene
Weight ۱۷۰۰ kg

Device structure

The ten-weight multi-head packing machine consists of two parts, weighing and packing.

The weighing part is the high price of the device, which includes the tank, weighing buckets and outlet hopper. Tank packaging machine by product entry Modular lift Or Lift Z Is. Weighing buckets do the work of weighing the product . After reaching the specified weight, the product goes to the packing of the device through the output funnel.

Packing of the packing machine is the lower part of the machine and the cellophane is formed and the final filling and sewing of the package is done by this part..

The product packaging form is also specified by this section. Types of packaging forms that can be produced by Kavosh Sanat packing machine :Pillow, envelope, four sides sewn and five sides sewn.

There are different types of packing of ten weighing exploration industry:

Automatic pneumatic Where the cellophane settings are done manually. The maximum width of cellophane in this packing is 42 cm.

Fully automatic pneumatic Where the cellophane settings are done automatically. The maximum width of cellophane in this packing is 42 cm.

Pneumatic servo motor Where the cellophane settings are done automatically. The maximum width of cellophane in this packing is 52 cm.

One of the most important features of the exploring packaging machine is the high quality of the parts. Exploration industry weighing ten weighing machine Has three years warranty and ten years after-sales service Is.

You can see how the five weighing machines of the five sides of Kavosh Sanat sewing work in the video below


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