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Packaging machine

Design and manufacture of packaging machine

The process of designing and manufacturing a packaging machine involves many steps.

Painting is one of the most important steps in designing and manufacturing a packaging machine .

Kavosh Sanat packaging machines are painted by electrostatic oven paint.

Electrostatic furnace paint is a kind of industrial coating.

After spraying, the paint goes on the surface of the piece inside the oven And hard and integrated heating is done up to 250 degrees .

The painted part is painted very hard and evenly.

To cover the parts, single layer paint is usually used in this operation. This color In the automotive industry, metal industry, home appliances and … Used.

Each color formula ,It has its own temperature and time to harden . Usually on the product is the amount of heat in degrees Celsius and time in minutes Which are heated to 150 to 250 degrees and from 11 to 17 minutes for electrostatic and epoxy furnace paints..

Furnace paints used in Kavosh Sanat packaging machines are very durable.

Advantages of electrostatic furnace paint:

Electrostatic oven paints are easy and convenient to clean.

Furnace paints are highly resistant to the penetration of dust and stains caused by oil and grease.

If metal surfaces become contaminated, they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Furnace-painted appliances have uniform, non-porous surfaces. This feature causes

That speed is resistant to the penetration of bacteria and viruses and microscopic organisms.

The result will be painting with electrostatic oven paint, high delicacy, short drying time and creating a smooth and flawless surface..


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