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Export development requires attention to the packaging industry

به گزارش Mehr correspondent Mehdi Ghaemian said at a meeting to review the problems of the Astara Businessmen and Businessmen Association at noon on Tuesday that if we want to change our export approach to the countries of the region, we need a proper packaging system.: The development of export packaging industries is a necessity for agricultural prosperity and exports in the border city of Astara.

He considered the quantitative and qualitative development of the packaging industry as a necessity for the development and prosperity of the export sector in the agricultural sector of this border city.

Ghaemian added: Despite the boom in agricultural production and the significant activity of Gilan ports and borders in exports, unfortunately most of the products are supplied and exported raw..

He continued by pointing to the existence of a vacuum in the processing, complementary and packaging industries of fruits, leeks and vegetables.: The establishment of packaging industries, especially in ports and special economic and commercial zones of Gilan, including Astara, is necessary and will increase the ability to exchange currency and add value to exports of the agricultural sector..

The deputy head of the country's plant protection organization said that Astara is a bottleneck for the export of agricultural products in the country and its export bases are unsuitable.: تلاش بر این است که آمار صادرات کشور از مرزهای سه گانه آستارا در استان گیلان افزایش یابد.

He stressed the need to increase the quality of agricultural products and their standardization, he said: Every week we have meetings with active exporters' associations in the country and in these meetings we try to have the least problems for exporters..

Ghaemian, noting that active clinics are required to control agricultural products from zero to one hundred, said: کلینیک‌ها به جای مستقر شدن در پایانه باید در محل‌های سورتینگ و بسته بندی مستقر شوند.

Source: Mehr news agency


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