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Sewing machine

Sewing machine

Sewing machine is used to sew the doors of various bags made of plastic, fabric, cotton and paper..

These machines have different models, which can be referred to as industrial sewing machine and manual sewing machine.

Bag sewing machines are divided into two general categories:

Sack sewing machines or cotton sewing machines and thermal sewing machines or presses

Cotton sewing machine

Cotton or circus sewing machine is a packing machine that is used for sewing cotton or fabric bags, paper or plastic in the packaging industry, which is more commonly known as rice sack sewing machine.. Sack embroidery machine, sewing bag sewing machine, circus sewing machine, sack sewing machine and bag sewing machine are other names of this machine..

Types of cotton sewing machines :

Manual sack sewing machine

Manual sewing machine is a small and portable model of circus sewing machine. Manual sewing machine is suitable for workshops and small businesses. The manual dose circus can be rechargeable or electric.

Automatic sacking machine

This circus sewing machine is used in the production lines of factories and large productions. This machine is used for sewing and packing very large bags..

Thermal sewing machine

Thermal sewing machine is used for packaging various products. This device is mostly used in packaging of various foods. These thermal sewing machines can automatically and semi-automatically package a variety of products in plastic and plastic-aluminum coatings.. In general, plastic sewing machine is one of the most important machines used in the packaging line of all kinds of businesses.

Types of thermal sewing machines :

Desktop plastic sewing machine

دستگاه پرس پلاستیک دستی یا رومیزی باید از نیروی دست برای کار استفاده کند .این دستگاه نمی‌توانند به شکل تمام اتوماتیک کار کنند. دستگاه دوخت حرارتی رومیزی با حرارت لبه بالایی کیسه را می‌چسباند یا می‌دوزد. Due to their low speed, these devices are used in small businesses, workshops, shops and home businesses.. Starting a home-based business with a packaging machine requires a desktop plastic sewing machine.

Simple manual plastic sewing machines use heat to fasten plastic nylon heads. These machines, which are more commonly known as plastic press machines, are commonly used in stores. Hand sewing machines are one of the five most widely used home packaging machines and do not have a high operating speed..

Cutter models of desktop plastic sewing machine are more advanced than ordinary models. These models can use the blades in the middle of the machine to do the packing in a row and at a higher speed.. In some small businesses, these plastic press machines are used.

Rail plastic sewing machine

Rail sewing machine is the most advanced model of plastic sewing machine. These nylon sewing machines place the products on their rails and perform the sewing operation automatically and at a very high speed.. The rails of these devices can be vertical or horizontal, depending on the type of product.

Pedal sewing machine

Pedal sewing machine is available in desktop and rail models in the market and is somehow placed between semi-automatic models.. In these nylon sewing machines, the packaging operation is done by the operator and by pressing the pedal for each product.. This plastic press machine is mostly used for sensitive products that need monitoring.

In Kavosh Sanat semi-automatic packaging machine, automatic or semi-automatic thermal or cotton sewing machine is used.. با توجه به جنس لفاف استفاده شده در بسته بندی یکی از این دستگاه ها روی دستگاه جهت بستن درب تعبیه می شود.

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