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Automatic packaging machine

The difference between automatic and semi-automatic packaging machine

The difference between automatic and semi-automatic packaging machine

Industrial vertical packing machines are divided into two types, automatic and semi-automatic.

مهمترین تفاوت در این ماشین آلات نیاز یا عدم نیاز به حضور اپراتور در فرآیند تولید است. دستگاه بسته بندی تمام اتوماتیک Makes packaging from zero to 100 without the need for manpower.

The desired product for packing enters the tank of the packing machine by the conveyor. The process of weighing and entering the package and final sewing is done by the machine.

The ready-to-transfer package in cartons or multiple packages is available to the manufacturer . At least one manpower is required for packaging with a semi-automatic machine.
One of the other differences between automatic and semi-automatic machines is the speed of packaging .Semi-automatic packaging machine Due to the intervention of manpower, it is somewhat slower than the automatic device.

In the automatic packing machine, only the cellophane roll is needed to form and produce the desired packaging. The semi-automatic machine needs pre-produced packages to fill. The semi-automatic machines need a separate sewing machine to close the lids of the filled bags. Has.
Finally, the most important difference between these devices is their final price. We offer semi-automatic machines for people who want to start their business with the least cost.
It should be noted that the automatic and semi-automatic machines of Kavosh Sanat Company, the quality of the parts used are similar to each other and the warranty and guarantee of the machines are the same.. In fact, diversifying the way machines work is because of providing the right options for customers to buy.

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