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Automatic shrink pack


Automatic tunnel shearing pack for packing bottles, cans, boxes and …is.

This device has dual function(Electricity and gas )has it.

The device features

The automatic tunnel shearing machine is equipped with a temperature control system for packing speed.

Automatic shearing machine It has a two-meter modular conveyor.


دستگاه شیرینگ پک کاوش صنعت Electrostatic furnace paint Is

دستگاه شیرینگ تونلی

Technical Specifications


Performance Devices Electro-Mechanical , Pneumatics
Power Requirements 3 ~ 380 v
Gas Consumption Gas City
Power ۱۸ kw
Packing speed ۴ – ۱۲ bag in per minute
Capacity ۵۰۰ kg / h
The maximum length of sewing ۸۰۰ mm
The maximum dimensions of packaging W : 500 mm – L : 700 mm – H : 450 mm
Weight ۵۰۰ kg

You can see how the Kavosh Sanat automatic tunnel shearing machine works in the video below

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