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Elevators powder packaging machine


Powder lifting device or ogre(auger) To transfer all kinds of powder materials to the packaging machine.

Lifting powder suitable for transferring substances such as flour, spices, cocoa powder, powdered milk, etc.… Is.

The device features

The powder lift device is equipped with a sensor for automatic disconnection and connection

Kavosh Sanat powder lift is equipped with screw ogre, pipe, mardon and stainless steel tank..

Device color

Powder lift machine paint Explore Industry Electrostatic furnace paint Is

دستگاه بالابر

Technical Specifications


Performance Devices Electro-Mechanical
Power Requirements 3 ~ 380 v
Power ۰٫۷۵ kw
Tank Capacity ۱۰۰ – ۱۵۰ kg
Handling Capacity ۲۵۰۰ kg / h
Machine height The order
Weight ۲۵۰ kg

You can see how the Kavosh Sanat powder lifting machine works in the video below

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