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Weighing filling four cans


The can filling machine for beans and nuts has four weights for packing granular materials in cans and cartons..

Can filling machine suitable for ingredients such as nuts, legumes, cereals, toffee tea, dried vegetables, chips, sugar, pasta form, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, etc.…Is.

The device features

The can filling machine is equipped with PLC system to control all the operation of the machine

همچنین دارای نمایشگر لمسی ۷ اینچی و سیستم کنترل سرعت بسته بندی است.

The four-weight can filling machine is equipped with an automatic can holder system.

Weighing Performance

Weighing performance of canning filling machine exploring industry, load cell system (Digital Weighing) Is.


The color of the can filling machine exploring the electrostatic furnace paint industry.

Installable equipment

Kavosh Sanat can filling machine has the ability to add the following equipment and systems:

  • Vibration system to reduce the height of the material in the can

  • Can closure system

دستگاه قوطی پرکن

Technical Specifications


Performance Devices Electronical , Electro-Mechanical , Pneumatics
Power Requirements 3 ~ 380 v
Power ۳ kw
Current Consumption ۳ – ۴ bar
Package ۲۰ – ۴۰ per minute
Package weight ۲۰ – ۱۵۰۰ gr
Steel cans Plastic – Indications – Glass – Metal – PET
Weight ۱۰۰۰ kg

You can see how the Kavosh Sanat four-weight can filling machine works in the video below

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