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Bowl lift


The lifting device is a bowl for transferring granular materials to the tank of the device.

A bowl lift suitable for transporting materials such as : Cereals, cereals, tea, sugar and so on

The device features

بالابر کاسه ای مجهز به پیاله از جنس استیل می باشد.

Device color

Color Explorer Industry Lift Bowl Electrostatic furnace paint Is

Technical Specifications


Performance Devices Electro-Mechanical
Power Requirements 3 ~ 380 v
Power ۰٫۷۵ kw
Tank Capacity ۱۰۰ – ۲۰۰ kg
Handling Capacity ۱۰۰۰ kg / h
Machine height The order
Weight ۴۰۰ kg
Bowl lift
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