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Winnowing grains


Grain threshing machine is for cleaning all kinds of grains up to 80%.

The threshing machine has the ability to grade beans in three different sizes.

Grain removes coarse impurities, fine, straw, dust.

The device features

The bean threshing machine is equipped with 7 screens in different sizes.

The grain cleaning machine is equipped with a complete electrical panel.

In Bojari device, the separation is done in three steps with small dimensions, low noise, easy to use.


The color of the machine explores the industry Electrostatic furnace paint Is

Grain threshing machine

Technical Specifications


Performance Devices Electro-Mechanical
Power Requirements 3 ~ 380 v
Power ۱٫۵ kw
Tank Capacity ۱۰۰ – ۲۰۰ kg
Capacity ۴۰۰ kg / h
Weight ۴۰۰ kg
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