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Kavosh Sanat Company, relying on God Almighty and benefiting from the technical knowledge of local experts, started its activity in 2004.. The field of activity of Kavosh Sanat Company is design, manufacture and sale of various packaging machines for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The main activities of Kavosh Sanat Company are in the field of vertical packing machine.… Is the production of machinery Cleaning and packing line for beans and nuts Another activity is exploring the industry.

Kavosh Sanat Company is proud to produce high quality packaging machines and their technology has always been the exclusive property of industrialized countries and to supply them to domestic and foreign markets..
The company with a base of over 2000 square meters and having the most experienced staff and commitment to superior quality has been able to differentiate its product line from other competitors .
Among the policies and goals of Kavosh Sanat Company is the production of quality products in the global markets. Kavosh Sanat Company, with its knowledge, experience and experienced personnel, has achieved significant success in this regard..
Taking a small step in order to improve the quality and increase the executive capacity in the construction of packaging machines and providing services to the country's industry is a category that has always been at the forefront of Kavosh Sanat machine building activities. .
We are proud that in recent years, with many foreign companies from countries such as Australia, Pakistan, Iraq, Armenia and the Persian Gulf countries have cooperation.
Also in line with the policy of respect for the customer, to provide service, installation and training for the company's products have been the focus of many .

It is worth mentioning that all products of Kavosh Sanat Company include a 36-month warranty and 10 years of after-sales service, and the company has always been determined to take effective steps to provide specialized services and meet the technical needs of customers. .

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