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common questions

Why the packaging business?

The main reason for choosing this job is two important issues: Firstly, the low cost of setting up a packaging workshop and even the cost of a packaging factory compared to other industries, and secondly, the market need for packaging materials, more and more seriously than before..

What are the steps to start a grain packaging business?

PProcedure for starting the work of packing grains and cereals into two general parts: obtaining the necessary permits and equipping places

Becomes. جهت اطلاع از تمام مراحل راه اندازی این کار مقاله ی Steps to starting a profitable bean packaging business Read

What machines includes the complete line for cleaning and packing beans?

The complete line of packing and packing beans includes bowl lifting machines, threshers, pickers, polishers, Z lifts, packing machines, conveyors for transporting packages.(For more information on the complete line of legumes explore the article industry Complete line for cleaning and packing beans Read.)

What are the minimum machines needed to start packing beans?

Cleaning machines can be invoiced to start the grain packaging business ( Grain cleaning machines include bowl lift, thresher, picker and polisher) And he packed the beans that are available in the market.
If you want the packaging to be done automatically, you need Z lifting machines, weighed packing machine, conveyor belt, otherwise Z lifting machine and semi-automatic packing machine or the same filling machine must be provided..

What is the difference between automatic and semi-automatic packaging machine?

Automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines differ in several cases. Some of these are as follows.:

1. Need an operator : Semi-automatic packing machine requires two operators, while automatic body machine needs packing operator..

2- Packaging speed : Packing speed is higher in automatic machine.

3- Type of packaging wrappers :The automatic packing machine needs a cellophane roll, but for the semi-automatic machine, a ready-made package must be used..

4- Price : In terms of cost, the price of a semi-automatic packaging machine is lower than an automatic machine.

(For more information in this regard, see the article The difference between automatic and semi-automatic packaging machine Read)

Automatic packaging machine

Semi-automatic packaging machine

What is the benefit of packing beans?

In order to be profitable in the field of grain packaging, it is necessary to gain a complete knowledge of the target market and the desired region..

What printer is suitable for packaging machine?

He used a jet printer for packaging such as cans, large bags and cartons, and for post-packaging printing. . Thermal, mechanical or jet printer date machines can be used in the packaging that is done during the printing on the envelope.. The choice of these devices depends on the type of font, words, ease of typing and Chinese characters.

What is the difference between powder and weighing packaging machines?

Weighing machines use scales that include vibrating trays and load cells to weigh items.. This machine is suitable for granular products such as sugar, sugar, beans, nuts, toffee, Fermi pasta, polymer and… Powder machines use a helical coil to weigh, which changes according to the weight of the packaging of the steps of this coil..

Is it possible to pack powdered and granular materials with one machine?

No, due to the difference in the material of powder and granular materials, it is not possible to package both products with one machine . Granular products with weighing machines and powder materials with Oger packaging machine (Auger) Is packed.

Powder packing machine Granular packing machine

How to get advice on buying machines?

For advice on finding or buying machines with our consultants at sales department Connect or apply through the WhatsApp link on the site.

What is the difference between a two-weight and four-weight machine?

The difference is in the speed of packaging. The more weights, the more scales weigh the products and the faster they reach the final weight of each package, so the faster.

How to provide warranty and after-sales service?

If you need services from Kavosh Sanat Company, it is necessary to submit your request via WhatsApp or by contacting the department. after sales services Let us know and fill in the expert request form for dispatch and send it to our colleagues in the service department. You can also submit your request through the site Send email in the training and services section Register so that your request can be processed as soon as possible.

What is needed to set up the devices?

۱)Air compressor

۲)Single-phase or three-phase electricity

۳)A certain volume of the product


How to learn to work with the device?

All steps of installation and training of working with the device are done by the expert of Kavosh Sanat Company at the buyer's place.

What kind of wrappers can be used in packaging machines?

In choosing the wrappers according to the product type and its weight, PVC-CPP-OPP-BOPP-metallized-polyethylene wrappers can be used.- سلفون- Transbafon and … used.

What accessories can be installed on packaging machines?

۱)Nitrogen gas system :Suitable for products such as chips and snacks … To increase the shelf life of products

۲)Envelope system: To form packages in envelopes

۳) Jet printer or female history :To insert date and price and … Used on packaging wrappers.

۴)Dusty : Used for products such as sugar.

What is the minimum area required to set up a grain line?

The bean packing work environment should have an area of ​​at least 60 meters and a ceiling height of 4 meters.

What is the material of the body and the tank of the grain and dried fruit packing machine?

جنس بدنه دستگاه بسته بندی حبوبات و خشکبار آهن رنگ شده توسط رنگ الکترو استاتیک است و جنس مخزن دستگاه و تمامی قسمت های در تماس با مواد، استیل می باشد.

Is it possible to produce packages of different sizes with one machine?

بله، با یک دستگاه میتوان محصول را دربسته بندی هایی با ابعاد مختلف بسته بندی کرد اما برای تغییر سایز بسته نیاز به تغییر لوله و یقه دستگاه است.

Do packaging machines work with three-phase electricity or single-phase?

In general, the power consumption of three-phase packaging machines is, but it is also possible to produce devices that work with single-phase electricity. .

What is the income of packaging work?

برآورد در آمد بسته بندی بدون آگاهی از هزینه های بسته بندی غیر ممکن است. اولین نکته ای که بایستی با ورود به کار تولید یاد بگیرید توجه به برآورد ریزترین هزینه های تولید محصول است. So that net profit can be guessed accurately.

What are the types of packaging forms that can be produced with packaging machines?

A variety of packaging forms are included :

Pillow packing, envelope, four sides sewing, five sides sewing, three sides sewing, sachet, zippered, cassette and…

Conventional packaging machines produce a packaging model . But Kavosh Sanat Company produces a type of packaging machine that is able to package all four modes of packaging (Pillow, envelope, four sides sewing, five sides sewing ) با تعویض لوله و یقه دستگاه می باشد.

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