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Launching a bean packing line

Steps to starting a profitable bean packaging business

One of the common occupations in the food industry is the lucrative business of packing grains and cereals. In this article, we intend to state the necessary conditions for starting a business of packing grains and cereals and explain the efficiency of this activity..

Cereals are always an important part of every person's daily food basket, so they have an important place in the food industry.. Businesses related to this industry are among the lucrative jobs in which you can invest and operate..

The process of setting up a grain and grain packaging application is divided into two general parts: obtaining the necessary permits and equipping the premises

Becomes. This process includes the following steps:

  • Refer to the provincial health department and obtain the relevant permit

  • Refer to the Department of Industries to apply for an establishment permit and receive and complete the relevant forms by the relevant expert

  • Review by the Department of Industry

  • Obtain principled approval from the Industrial Administration

  • Inquiries from government agencies to provide a suitable location (Purchase of land or use of existing buildings and facilities) Government agencies : Municipality or technical office of the governorate, road and transportation department, forestry department, agriculture department, Islamic guidance office of cultural heritage unit, central board of land transfer

  • Construction of a building and purchase of machinery

  • Get a license

  • Refer to agricultural jihad

  • Installation and commissioning of machines

  • Refer to the standard office to visit and provide a standard permit for built spaces, machines and packaging line layout

  • Application for an exploitation license from the Industrial Administration

  • Visits of experts from the Department of Environment (Perform 50% of the executive operation of the sewerage system) And the General Directorate of Social Affairs (Observance of health and safety issues such as light, sound, welfare services and…)

  • Approval of the Department of Industries and issuance of exploitation license

  • Application for a license from the technical manager and application for an operation license from the Food Supervision Department

  • Review of experts of the Supervision Office (Observing the area of ​​suitable conditions for warehouse buildings, packing halls and…)

  • Issuance of exploitation license

  • Apply for a construction permit from the Supervision Office

  • Test production of the product

  • Request a standard seal (Optional or mandatory )

  • Inspection of Iran Institute of Standards and Industrial Research and approval of packaging steps (Perform sampling method

  • Test )And granting a standard

One of the most important parts of starting a business is the packaging of beans, production line or cleaning and packaging machines..

This production line includes two parts: cleaning machines and packing machines. The bean packing machine is divided into two general categories, automatic and semi-automatic. Automatic production line includes cleaning machines and Automatic weighing packaging machines Is.

Semi-automatic packing line includes grain clearing machines and semi-automatic packing or filling machines. At Article on the difference between automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines This issue is discussed in detail.

The grain cleaning line, as its name implies, performs the process of cleaning the product. This production line includes lifting, threshing, polishing and hand-picking machines. . At the beginning of the work, the product is cleaned up to 80% by a threshing machine, and then in the stage of entering the hand-picking machine, it is cleaned 100% by several operators. For more information on the grain cleaning line and to see how it works, you canThis link Visit.

In general, this part of the production line can be removed and provided with threshed products (erased) It only did the packing operation. The advantages of this work are saving on the cost of purchasing machines and work space.. Many businesses, at the beginning of their activity, are satisfied with packing grains and cereals, and after some time of activity and expansion of their labor market, they equip the cleaning line and increase this stage..

In the product packaging stage, depending on whether the packaging line is automatic or semi-automatic, certain machines are needed.. Automatic packing line Includes lifting machines, weighing packaging machine and packing conveyor belt


The semi-automatic packing line includes lifting machines, drug weighing filler and sewing machine.

Apart from the fact that you package your product with automatic or semi-automatic machines, the design and printing of packaging is very important. Beautiful and creative design and printing is the most important factor in attracting customers to your product..

Another important factor in quality packaging is packaging machines. Because the higher the quality of the machine, the more stylish and durable packaging can be produced. Due to the long-term activity of packaging machine manufacturers in Iran, Iranian quality machines can be provided for the production line.. Kavosh Sanat packaging machines for many years in the field of packaging grains, cereals, nuts, powdered materials and…They are produced according to modern world standards.Packaging machines explore the industry In addition to supplying production and packaging lines of Iranian companies to many neighboring countries



One of the most important things when preparing packaging machines is the high quality of parts and providing a guarantee and after-sales service. Kavosh Sanat Company has always tried to improve the quality of national production by providing a three-year warranty and ten years of after-sales service. Take steps and provide services in the sun of the country's food industry activists.


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