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Food packaging and its effective role in the sale of manufactured products

Packaging is an essential factor for selling as many goods and commodities as possible, creating and creating special, new and attractive forms and methods in presenting those products to consumers..

According to the Iranian Students News Agency (ایسنا)- East Azerbaijan region, as long as the packaging of a product is beautiful, appropriate, includes specifications, identifies the product and is in accordance with the aspects and psychological characteristics of buyers, the better the market and sales will be..

The director of the Department of Food Industry, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tabriz, stated: Encouraging buying and duplication in shopping is the most basic benefit of using packaging as a marketing criterion in business..

Javad Hesari told an ISNA reporter about this: Department stores cite the benefits of packaging as well as reducing the cost of manpower as well as reducing consumer purchasing time..

He explained: Packaging will reduce the cost of transporting and storing food and products for factories.

Hesari spoke about the elements of a package in attracting customers and continued: A good package consists of various elements such as attractiveness in name, beautiful design, advertising and reasonable price to attract customers..

The director of the Department of Food Industry, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tabriz, considered packaging as one of the effective factors in food sales and reminded: Attention to various technological advances in packaging-related industries, especially printing, has made packaging, in addition to material storage, one of the dynamic and effective factors on the sale of food and agricultural products in a competitive trade market..

Hesari emphasized the valuable effects of packaging: Inserting information on packages and passing it on to the consumer should be considered as valuable effects of packaging.

Associate Professor of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tabriz, also told ISNA: Consumer health, ease of consumption and added value of products will be provided by packaging.

Seyed Hadi, a prophet, added: If we do not have a plan to enter the domestic market, we will face problems in foreign markets.

He described the packaging features: In the inventory of each product, the date of production, expiration and its constituent components are stated.

The prophet continued: Preserving the product in transportation and reducing waste in distribution should be considered as the benefits of proper packaging..

Associate Professor of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tabriz: Packaging is the stage at which a product enters into interaction and communication with the consumer.

Peyghambardoost spoke about the disadvantages of not having a birth certificate in the packaging of products: Lack of identity card in the packaging of products including horticultural, livestock, agricultural and… It will prevent attracting customers in the market.

According to this report, proper and beautiful packaging is one of the basic pillars in the production of a production complex and its success in the international competitive market. In general, packaging should be able to meet its main tasks or performance in three economic, technical and advertising fields. Designed according to the limitations of all three areas.

Having these characteristics is the main condition for a correct attitude towards it, and a package that does not have any of these characteristics will face problems in one of the sectors of production, distribution or sales..


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