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Line clearing and packaged cereals

Complete line for cleaning and packing beans

Complete line for cleaning and packing beans

Packaging is the art and science of preparing food for storage and sale. It should be as simple and inexpensive as possible. It should have the primary purpose of being protective and attractive .in industry food packing Beans are important items. In this article, we introduce the complete line of cleaning and packing beans.

Cereals and grains in the food basket of families are among the most consumed foods. In the food packaging industry, a major part of the sales market is related to these products..

In the picture above, you can see the process of cleaning and packing beans. These machines form the line for cleaning and packing beans..

به طور کلی این خط متشکل از دستگاه های بوجاری،دستچین، پولیش، بسته بندی و بالابر ونوار نقاله است.

A brief description of the performance of the machines:
Bojari machine
This machine removes the dust in the primary beans by air pressure and mechanical movements. The threshing machine prepares the product for transfer to the next stage..
Conveyor handpicked
Workers around the conveyor are segregating visible additions.

Polishing machine
This device makes them shiny by removing the dust on the beans. The beans are ready to be packed after polishing.
Packaging machine
This machine also packs the beans in transparent wrappers with a weighting mechanism. It is located at the end of the production line and is in automatic and semi-automatic types..

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